Heavy Duty Digital Tyre Inflator DTI-12

*Heavy-duty made precision digital tire inflator with LCD back-light gauge, professional type.

*Three function designs: Inflate, deflate, and measure tire pressure.

*For a truck, bus, car, industry...etc. use.

*Auto-shut off for power saving.

*Made in Taiwan

Introducing our precision digital tire inflator, designed with heavy-duty materials for professional use. Equipped with a back-lit LCD gauge, this inflator provides accurate readings for easy monitoring.

The LEMATEC Digital Tire Inflator is a robust, long-lasting tool built with a sturdy metal body and protective rubber cover. Its durable construction makes it perfect for heavy-duty use in various settings.

With three functions in one tool, you can quickly inflate, deflate, and measure tire pressure. This tire inflator is versatile and reliable and is suitable for use with trucks, buses, cars, and industrial applications.

Equipped with a dual chuck, this tire inflating gun is suitable for inflating tires of cars and trucks. Its ergonomic design allows for easy one-handed operation, making it convenient. The digital back-light display is clear and easy to read, even in low-light conditions, ensuring accurate readings every time.

Featuring an auto-shut-off function, this inflator is both power-saving and convenient to use. Additionally, the air hose is equipped with a spring cover for added durability and protection. Choose our precision digital tire inflator for dependable performance and accurate readings every time.

*Aluminum body made with spring cover air hose, durably made.

DTI-12 Heave Duty Digital Tyre Inflator

Model Number: DTI-12

Material: Aluminue

Size:33.4 * 8.6 * 21.6 cm

Operating Pressure:90 PSI.

LCD: With Back-light

Measures pressure range:0-160 Psi, 0~11 Bar

Pressure Increments:0.5PSI / 0.05Bar / 0.05kg/cm² / 5 Kpa.

Battery: CR2032*1


Air Flow at 100 PSI.:12 CFM

Air inlet:1/4"

Hose length:39 cm with spring cover

With: Dual Chuck 9-1/2"

Made in Taiwan

Tire inflator manufacturer in Taiwan for over 30 years.

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DTI-12 Heave Duty Digital Tire Inflator

Packaging List: Display/White Box



Size:1.45 k < 33.4 * 8.6 * 21.6 cm>

Carton Size:53.5 * 33.5 * 44.0 cm

Delivery Time:20~60 days after the order confirmed