Heavy Duty Hand Riveter Gun Rivet Tool Kit With 4 Nozzle adaptors

1. Rivet Heavy Duty Riveter Gun Kit.
2. Nonslip Cushioned Handle Grips Saving Effort Comfort.
3. With 4 Different Sizes Of Rivets.
4. Portable Rivet Heads And Wrench.
5. Wide Application-in of Different Construction And Repair Applications.
6. Sturdy Material Aluminum Alloy Body Anti-rust Performance Longer Lifetime.

Rivet Heavy Duty Riveter Gun

Model: LE-RG01
Riveter of Material: Aluminum Hand of Material: TPR
Rivet Size:2.4(3/32") , 3.2(1/8") , 4.0(5/32") , 4.8 mm(3/16") N.W:16KGS G.W:17KGS
Delivery Time: 20~60 Days After Order Confirmed

A hand riveter gun, also known as a rivet gun or pop rivet gun, is a tool used to fasten two or more materials together using rivets. Rivets are typically made of metal and have a cylindrical shape with a head on one end and a shank on the other.

To use a hand riveter gun, you first insert the rivet into the gun's nosepiece. You then position the gun over the materials you want to join and squeeze the handles together. This action causes the gun to pull the shank of the rivet through the materials, causing it to expand on the other side and form a secure fastening.