4 in 1 Air Foam Gun Water Nozzle Kits

  1. Specially Designed Foam Outlet
  2. Wide Range And Distance, Dense, and Stable Foam
  3. Make Cars, Trucks, and Boats Clean More Easily.
  4. Clean Workbench, House
  5. Be Connected To Any Garden Hose Or With Quick Hose Connector
  6. Made in Taiwan

Air foam gun kits, one gun for foam, water spray/engine cleaning, sandblasting and blow/dust gun function.

(1) Specially Designed Foam Outlet
(2) Wide Range And Distance, Dense And Stable Foam
(3) Make Cars, Trucks, and Boats Clean More Easily.
(4) Clean Workbench, House
(5) Be Connected To Any Garden Hose Or With Quick Hose Connector
(6) Features both high and low-pressure operations.
(7) Made in Taiwan

Car Foam Gun Washer, Water Spray, Blower and Sandblasting Multi-Use Kit.
This kit has everything you need for all your car washing needs!

How are car washing/washing your car simple and great results by Lematec air snow foam gun set?

Air foam Gun
* Specially Designed Foam Outlet.
* Wide Range And Distance, Dense And Stable Foam.
* Specially Designed Foam Nozzle.
* Foam Quickly, Great For Clean The Dirt.
* Low Water Pressure Can Use Too.
Water Spray Gun
* Make Cars, Trucks, and Boats Clean More Easily.
* Be Connected To Any Garden Hose Or With Quick Hose Connector
* Rotating Adjustable Sprinkler Mode
Blow Duster Gun
* Clean The Dust And Gravel Inside The Car.
* Clean Workbench, House.
*Material: Nylon Composite
*Air Inlet: 1/4" Female
*Air Flow at 100 PSI: 14 CFM
*Operating Pressure: 90 PSI.
*Cup Capacity: 1000 ml.
*Cup Material: P.E.
*Weight:836g (with Sprinkler)

Lematec compressed air foam gun kit with blowing, sandblasting, cleaning and water spray function
New Air Foam Gun Kit With Blowing Sandblaster Water Spray Engine Cleaning Car Wash Abrasive Blaster - | Lematec

This is the ultimate car washing kit. It has everything you need to wash your car, including an air blow gun, water spray nozzle and blower. It also includes a sandblasting attachment for cleaning off paint chips and tar on cars! This is the ultimate car washing kit! This air spray gun can be used to wash, foam, water blast and blow dry cars. The best part? It plugs into your air compressor - meaning you don't need to buy any other tools or equipment.

How does this tool work?
4 in 1 Air foam gun kits, including foam, sandblaster, blow, and water pressure cleaning functions.

To use an air foam gun, you will need the following equipment:

  1. Air compressor: You will need an air compressor to provide the compressed air that powers the foam gun.

  2. Air hose: A flexible air hose that can connect the air compressor to the air foam gun.

  3. Foam gun: The foam gun is the tool that mixes the air and foam solution to create foam.

  4. Foam solution: You will need a foam solution that is compatible with your foam gun.

Once you have all the equipment, follow these steps to use the air foam gun:

  1. Fill the foam gun: Fill the foam gun container with the foam solution.

  2. Adjust the air pressure: Adjust the air pressure on the air compressor to the recommended level for your foam gun.

  3. Connect the hose: Connect the air hose to the air compressor and the foam gun.

  4. Test the foam gun: Turn on the air compressor and test the foam gun by pulling the trigger. Adjust the foam gun's settings as needed to get the desired foam consistency.

  5. Apply foam: Once the foam gun is adjusted, use it to apply foam to the desired surface. Move the foam gun in a back and forth motion to evenly distribute the foam.

  6. Clean the foam gun: After using the foam gun, clean it thoroughly by running clean water or a cleaning solution through it. This will prevent clogs and ensure the foam gun is ready for the next use.

*Ideal for a vehicle outside cleaning, including car surface, tire groove, wheel rim, etc.

*The Car Soap Foam Gun is powered by your air compressor, creating ultra-thick foamy suds.
*Auto Wash Sprayer attachment included for detail work doubles as a high-pressure cleaning tool for all kinds of household cleaning projects.
*Car, Auto, and Shop Detailer by LEMATEC is the only tool with so much functionality. One tool many uses.
*Car Foam Gun operates both with or without an air compressor. For Ultra thick foaming action, use the optional airline.
*Blower attachment included ridding leftover moisture from all those nooks and crannies
*Air Foam Gun is very versatile and works even without air. Just connect a water hose to blast out tornador foam, making this a perfect commercial washing tool. It is lightweight and made of durable material, offering a strain-free detailing job. The Air Foam Gun is a 3-in-1 tool that will save you time. It's the only product of its kind on the market. You'll be able to wash your car, clean your wheels, and dry your vehicle all in one easy step. The Le Lematec AS119-3A-1 air foam gun can be used as a soap dispenser or paint sprayer with appropriate nozzles attached to the end of the tool. The foam gun is designed to be used with a pressure washer. This will allow you to wash your car without having to bend over and scrub the dirt off of it. Auto Car detailing.
New air foam gun set for car washing with foaming and with engine cleaning gun and water nozzle and sandblaster gun and blow dust functions.

An air foam gun, also known as a foam sprayer or foam cannon, is a versatile tool that is designed to help you apply a thick and even layer of foam to various surfaces. This tool uses compressed air and a special foam solution to create a thick and stable foam that is perfect for cleaning, washing, and detailing a variety of surfaces. Here are some reasons why you should consider using an air foam gun and what this tool can do for you:

  1. Improved cleaning performance

One of the primary benefits of using an air foam gun is that it can significantly improve the cleaning performance of your cleaning solution. The thick and stable foam created by this tool is able to cling to surfaces for a longer period of time, allowing the cleaning solution to work more effectively. Additionally, the foam can penetrate deeper into cracks and crevices, providing a more thorough clean.

  1. Time-saving

Using an air foam gun can also save you a lot of time and effort. The even layer of foam created by this tool means that you can cover a larger surface area in less time than traditional cleaning methods. The foam also helps to loosen dirt and grime more easily, reducing the amount of manual scrubbing required.

  1. Versatility

An air foam gun can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks, including washing cars, boats, and RVs, cleaning windows and siding, and even applying insecticides and fertilizers to your lawn and garden. This tool is versatile and can be adapted to suit your specific needs.

  1. Cost-effective

While an air foam gun may seem like an expensive investment at first, it can actually be a cost-effective solution in the long run. By using this tool, you can save money on cleaning products as you can dilute them with water and use them more efficiently. Additionally, the reduced cleaning time means that you can save money on labor costs.

  1. Eco-friendly

Finally, using an air foam gun is also an eco-friendly solution. By reducing the amount of cleaning solution required and the time spent cleaning, you can save water and energy. Additionally, the foam created by this tool is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

In conclusion, an air foam gun is a versatile and effective tool that can help you save time and effort while improving the cleaning performance of your cleaning solution. Whether you are washing your car, cleaning your windows, or applying fertilizers to your lawn, an air foam gun is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to achieve professional results at home.