Air chipping hammer gun with chisels Set blow case

(1) Ergonomic design, vibration reduction, durability.
(2) Used in metalworking, automotive repair, construction, and demolition.
(3) Powerful pull spring can effectively reduce vibration.
(4) Includes 5 pcs steel chisels and a spring retainer.
(5) Made in Taiwan

Air chipping hammer gun with chisels Set blow case

Construction: In construction applications, the chipping hammer gun can be used for chipping away excess mortar or concrete from brick or blockwork.

Metalworking: The tool can also be used for cutting and shaping metal and removing welds and other surface imperfections.

Automotive repair: The chipping hammer gun can be used in automotive repair applications for removing rust and paint from metal surfaces.

Demolition: The tool is commonly used for breaking up concrete and other hard materials in demolition projects.

Model: LE-G250K
Piston Stroke:89 mm
Stoke speed: 2100 Bpm
Net Weight:2.0 Kg/4.4 Lb
Length:225 mm
Air Cons:0.11 m3/min
Air InIet:1/4" inch
Hose Size:6.5 mm
Sound Pressure: 96 dBA
Vibration:11 m/S2

Retainer Spring 1pc
7"Chisels 5pcs
Nipple 1pc
Oil pot 1pc
Blow case 1pc
Color package 1pc


The chipping hammer gun typically has a pistol grip handle, which allows the user to maneuver and control the tool easily. The hammer mechanism of the tool consists of a piston that is driven back and forth by compressed air, which strikes a chisel or point bit at the end of the tool. The chisel or point bit can be easily interchanged depending on the task.