Air chipping hammer gun shank with 5 pcs chisel set

(1) Ergonomic design, vibration reduction, durability.
(2) Used in metalworking, automotive repair, construction, and demolition tasks.
(3) Powerful pull spring can effectively reduce vibration.
(4) Includes 5 pcs steel chisels and a spring retainer.
(5) Made in Taiwan

Air chipping hammer gun shank with 5 pcs chisel set.

Model: LE-G190K
Piston Stroke:67 mm
Stoke speed: 3200 Bpm
Net Weight:1.6 Kg/3.52 Lb
Length:175 mm
Air Cons:0.11 m3/min
Air InIet:1/4" inch
Hose Size:6.5 mm
Sound Pressure: 99 dBA
Vibration:13.7 m/S2

Retainer Spring 1pc
7"Chisels 5pcs
Nipple 1pc
Oil pot 1pc
Blow case 1pc
Color package 1pc

The tool is powered by compressed air, delivered to the hammer through a hose connected to an air compressor. When the trigger is pressed, a piston inside the tool rapidly strikes a chisel or other attachment, delivering a decisive blow to the surface being worked on.

Air-chipping hammers are powerful tools for breaking up concrete, stone, and other materials. These tools work by utilizing the power of compressed air to deliver quick and forceful blows to the surface being worked on. The result is an efficient and effective way to remove unwanted material from a surface.

Air-chipping hammers come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different applications. Some models are designed for light-duty work, while others are built to handle heavy-duty jobs. Depending on your needs, you can find air chipping hammers with different features such as variable speed control, ergonomic grips, and quick-change chisels.

As a trusted manufacturer of industrial tools, LEMATEC offers a range of air chipping hammers to meet your needs. Our air chipping hammers are built to last, with durable construction and high-quality components. Whether you need a tool for light-duty or heavy-duty jobs, our air chipping hammers are the perfect choice. Trust LEMATEC to provide the quality and reliability you need for your next project.