Air Needle Scaler 4000 BPM Air-powered Industrial Tool

(1) Used in industrial applications to remove rust and metal surfaces.
(2) Ergonomic design.
(3) Versatile, durable, and can be used for surface preparation.
(4) For chiseling or smoothing welds, castings, and other materials.
(5) Durable and simple design.

Air-powered Needle Scaler 4000 BPM, LE-AN104

Model: LE-AN104
Needle Size:7" inch
Needles:19 pc
Needle Diameter:3
Stoke speed: 4000 Bpm
Net Weight:2.16Kg/4.75Lb
Length:335 mm
Air Cons: 0.12 m3/min
Air InIet:1/4" inch
Hose Size:8 mm
Sound Pressure:95 dBA
Vibration:14.5 m/S2


The tool uses a set of needles, which rapidly vibrate or oscillate, to chip away at the surface. The needles are mounted on a piston, which moves back and forth rapidly due to compressed air fed to the tool.


  1. Surface preparation: Needle scalers prepare surfaces for painting or coating. They can quickly remove rust, scale, and old paint from metal surfaces.

  2. Weld preparation: Before welding, a needle scaler can remove any dirt, debris, or rust from the surfaces to be joined, ensuring a strong bond.

  3. Concrete and masonry work: Needle scalers can remove old coatings and prepare concrete or masonry surfaces for repair or resurfacing.

  4. Shipbuilding and maintenance: A needle scaler is an essential tool in shipbuilding and maintenance. It can remove rust, scale, and old paint from metal surfaces on ships, including the hull, deck, and superstructure.

  5. Automotive repair: Needle scalers are also used in automotive repair shops to remove rust and scale from car frames, suspension components, and engine blocks.