Air Engine Cleaning gun With Water Spray Gun

  1. Ergonomic design.
  2. High Air Flow.
  3. Spray/Blowing/Cleaning.
  4. 1000 ml of water tank.
  5. Water the flowers, or add disinfectant for environmental disinfection.
  6. Made in Taiwan.

Item No.LE-AS120, High Pressure Engine Cleaning gun
*4 in 1 air tools with foam, blow duster, cleaning and sandblaster functions

*BODY Material: Nylon Composite
*Air Inlet: 1/4" Female
*Air Flow at 100 PSI: 12 CFM
*Operating Pressure: 90 PSI.
*Cup Capacity: 1000 ml.
*Cup Material: P.E.

For clean car oil/dirt, engineer and conditioning...etc
With adjusting airflow nozzle to change water spray or air blow functions.

This engine cleaning gun is the perfect tool to get your car looking good again. With a water spray gun, washing tool combo, this engine cleaning gun provides you with an easy and efficient way to clean any type of vehicle.
Lematec engine cleaning gun is a compressed-pressure water spray gun for car washing, boat hulls, and other applications.

How to use engine water pressure cleaning gun?

How to use air engineer cleaning gun?