Air Engine Cleaning gun With Water Nozzle Gun

  1. Ergonomic design.
  2. High Air Flow.
  3. Spray/Blowing/Cleaning.
  4. 1000 ml of the water tank.
  5. Water the flowers, or add disinfectant for environmental disinfection.
  6. Made in Taiwan.

Air foam gun kits, one gun for foam, water/engine cleaning, sandblasting and blow/dust gun function.

*BODY Material: Nylon Composite
*Air Inlet: 1/4" Female
*Air Flow at 100 PSI: 12 CFM
*Operating Pressure: 90 PSI.
*Cup Capacity: 1000 ml.
*Cup Material: P.E.

For clean car oil/dirt, engineer and conditioning...etc
Adjusting airflow nozzle to change water spray or air blow functions.

This engine cleaning gun is the perfect tool to get your car looking good again. With a water spray gun, washing tool combo, this engine cleaning gun provides you with an easy and efficient way to clean any type of vehicle.
Lematec engine cleaning gun is a compressed-pressure water spray gun for car washing, boat hulls, and other applications.

How to use engine water pressure cleaning gun?

How to use an air engineer cleaning gun?