1/4" Air filter with regulator AI303-R1

  1. Removes water vapor, dirt, dust and oil vapor from air lines.
  2. With Drain Valve.
  3. Watch with a pointer Clearly visible scale.
  4. Optimal for spray painting and other applications.
  5. 1/4" inlet and outlet.
  6. PSI/BAR two unit
  7. Metal gauge  Impact-resistant housing.
  8. Solvent resistant based on normal usage.
  9. Made in Taiwan.

*Item No. AI303-R1, 2 in 1 air filter with regulator

*2 in 1 combined air filter with a pressure regulator that is more lightweight and saves volume.
(1) Removes water vapor, dirt, dust and oil vapor from air lines.
(2) With Drain Valve.
(3) Watch with a pointer Clearly visible scale.
(4) Optimal for spray painting gun, air tools and other applications.
(5) 1/4" inlet and outlet.
(6) PSI/BAR two unit.
(7) Metal gauge Impact-resistant housing.
(8) Solvent resistance based on normal usage.
(9) Made in Taiwan.

*This air filter regulator combo has a built-in oil-water separator to filter up to 99.9% of moisture and dirt and turn it into purified air for quality output. It comes with a quick-release valve to eject trapped dirt, water, and oil for easy cleaning.

*This air filter regulator is lightweight and small, making it very convenient to install in a tightly compressed air setup and it will not affect your air tool's weight so you can easily maneuver it without issues.

*The regulator assembly in our compressed air filter regulator has an easy to read gauge that can measure 1~10 BAR and 0~ 140 PSI. Its universal thread swivel nut makes it easy to adjust the air pressure.

Why choose our new air filter with the regulator? More lightweight and easy to use?


*Pressure gauge made from the metal housing and glasses surfaces.

*Pressure release valve to eject all the water that was trapped inside.

*Suit for spray paint guns, air tools, plasma cutting machines, and other air inline applications to trap the extra water from the air and adjust the air pressure/flow.