Mini Air Digital Pressure Gauge

  1. Three pressure units support
  2. Auto-off function
  3. Impact-resistant case
  4. Solvent resistant based on normal usage
  5. Provides Accurate Measurement of air Pressure to spray guns or other air tools

Digital Air Pressure Gauge

Model Number:DG-E


Weight:0.2 kgs

Measures pressure range:0-150 PSI , 0-10.0 BAR , 0-1.00 Mpa

Pressure Units:PSI; Bar; Kpa

Batter replaceable:Yes

Auto-shut off:Yes

Air inlet/outlet:1/8" 27NPT

Supply Voltage:two 1.5 V DC Battery

Made in:Taiwan


LEMATEC 1/4" Digital Air Pressure Regulator with Pressure Gauge for air tools

Digital Air Pressure Gauge

Packaging List:Sliding Card / White Box

Carton:300pcs/ctn, 15.0/16.5kgs/2.3'

Carton Size:0.046 kgs, 52.5*32.5*37.5 cm

Delivery Time:20~60 days after order confirmed