Air Regulator

LEMATEC: Your Reliable Air Regulator Supplier for Precise Control in Spray Painting and Air Tool Applications

The Lematec Digital Air Regulator series has a digital gauge that allows you to control the airflow/pressure with the exact value in decimal.
It provides a quick reading of air pressure value which is very suitable for fast-paced work environments. As a top-rated manufacturer of industrial tools, LEMATEC offers a wide range of high-quality air regulators designed for precise control in spray painting and air tool applications. Our air regulators are built to deliver consistent and accurate pressure, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in your projects. They are compatible with a wide range of air tools, including spray paint guns, pneumatic sanders, and impact wrenches, making them a versatile addition to any toolbox.


Quality Air Regulators and Spray Gun Regulators, Direct from Our Factory in Taiwan

High accuracy and durability that why famous spray gun companies choose ours. Our Dial air regulator series is popular with metal cases and mirror surfaces. With its durable construction and user-friendly design, our air regulator ensures reliable performance and easy operation. Our air regulators are built to last, with sturdy construction and easy-to-read gauges that provide clear and accurate pressure readings. With standard fittings and adjustable pressure settings, our air regulators offer the control and flexibility you need to do the job correctly. Trust LEMATEC to provide the quality and reliability you need for your next project.


If you're interested in our air regulators, simply add the products to your cart for a quote. Alternatively, you can email us directly with any questions or inquiries, and our friendly personnel will be happy to assist you in any way they can. Trust us to provide the air tools you need to complete the job.