LEMATEC Gravity Feed With Siphon Feed Sandblaster Gun With Ceramic Nozzle AS118-2C

*The Gravity Feed and Siphon Feed Sandblaster Gun in One.
*New Ceramic Nozzle for more application and durability.
*Suit for the workshop, home, garden, DIY, wood, glass, etc.
*Remove Rust, Paint or clean Oil, Dirt, Carbon deposits, and moss.
*Agriculture application by chili pepper water spray to anti-bug.
*Best hand-held Sandblasting gun made by LEMATEC, Taiwan Tool.

No. AS118-2C (Patent)

Are you seeking an efficient and versatile sandblaster gun for your next project? Look no further than our Lematec sandblaster gun with a siphon hose!

This sandblaster gun is designed to handle various dry abrasives, such as soda, sand, and special sand. It is ideal for removing rust, paint, oil, and other stubborn materials from various surfaces. With gravity and siphon feed options, this gun can be used for various applications, from light surface cleaning to heavy-duty blasting.

Featuring a ceramic nozzle that is more durable than traditional metal nozzles, this sandblaster gun is built to last and deliver consistent performance, even in harsh environments. And with its easy-to-use design and comfortable grip, this gun is convenient and efficient to operate, even for prolonged periods.

In addition to its traditional sandblasting capabilities, this gun can also be used to mix soda with water to clean walls, swimming pools, and other surfaces, removing dirt and moss with ease.

Designed and made in Taiwan with the highest quality materials and workmanship, this sandblaster gun is built to last and deliver reliable performance for years. So why wait? Add it to your tool collection today and experience the power and versatility you need to get the job done right!


*Our Sandblaster Gun features a patented design that sets it apart from other sandblasters on the market. Its unique design allows for various dry abrasives, including soda, sand, and special sand, making it a versatile tool for removing rust, paint, oil, and other stubborn substances. This sandblaster gun can be used with gravity and siphon feed options in various applications.

*Besides its versatility, our sandblaster gun is easy to operate, making it an excellent choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Its ceramic nozzle is more durable than traditional metal tips, ensuring long-lasting performance.

*One unique application of our sandblaster gun is the ability to mix soda with water to clean walls, swimming pools, and other surfaces to remove dirt and moss. With our sandblaster gun, you can achieve professional results with ease.

*Proudly made in Taiwan with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring reliability and durability.


Model Number: AS118-2C

Material: ABS

Hopper:600cc (18 oz) PE

Operating Pressure:90 PSI, Max to 150 PSI

Air Flow at 100 PSI:12 CFM

Air Inlet:1/4" with 20 MESH FILTER

With:6 FT Hose and tube for siphon

Nozzle: Ceramic

Type: Gravity and SiphonFeed

Application Abrasives Size:46# -220#

Patent Protection: Yes

Made In Taiwan

*Siphon Sandblaster And Gravity Feed Two in One Sandblasting Gun, Taiwan Made.

How does our sandblaster/sandblasting gun work? See it on Youtube.

LEMATEC Sandblasting Gun

Packaging list:Box

Carton:10 sets/ctn.


Delivery Time:20~60 Days After Order Confirmed