LEMATEC Gravity Feed With Siphon Feed Sandblaster Gun With Ceramic Nozzle AS118-2C


  • Dry Abrasives Can Be used, Such as Soda, Sand, Special Sand, And So On.
  • Easy And Convenience To Operation.
  • Remove Rust, Paint, Oil, And So On.
  • Gravity and Siphon Feed for more applications.
  • The ceramic nozzle is more durable.
  • Soda with water to clear walls, swimming pool, or other to remove dirt, and moss.
  • Made in Taiwan.

No. AS118-2C
*The Gravity Feed and Siphon Feed Sandblaster Gun in One!
*New Ceramic Nozzle for more application and durability!
*Suit for the workshop, home, garden, DIY, wood, glass, etc.
*Remove Rust, Paint or clean Oil, Dirt, Carbon deposits, and moss.
*Agriculture application by chili pepper water spray to anti-bug.
*Best hand-held Sandblasting gun made by LEMATEC, Taiwan Tool.


Model Number: AS118-2C

Material: ABS

Hopper:600cc (18 oz) PE

Operating Pressure:90 PSI, Max to 150 PSI

Air Flow at 100 PSI:12 CFM

Air Inlet:1/4" with 20 MESH FILTER

With:6 FT Hose and tube for siphon

Nozzle: Ceramic

Type: Gravity and SiphonFeed

Application Abrasives Size:46# -220#

Patent Protection: Yes

Made In Taiwan

*Siphon Sandblaster And Gravity Feed Two in One Sandblasting Gun, Taiwan Made.

How does our sandblaster/sandblasting gun work? See it on Youtube.

LEMATEC Sandblasting Gun

Packaging list:Box

Carton:10 sets/ctn.


Delivery Time:20~60 Days After Order Confirmed