Air shear Scissor Pneumatic pistol-grip cutter

  1. Air Scissors are ideal for contour snip.
  2. The heavy duty blades make quick and clean snip.
  3. The scissors is ideal for body shop and machine shop.

Introducing the Lematec Air Shear Scissor Pneumatic Pistol-Grip Cutter, a must-have tool for all types of businesses, from retail to manufacturing and beyond. With a capacity of 1.2mm (steel) and 1.6mm (aluminum), this powerful tool delivers superior performance with a maximum speed of 2,600 rpm.

The body of this air shear scissor is covered with soft glue, providing maximum comfort during prolonged use. It is also simple and convenient to operate, making it the perfect tool for any contour snip job. The heavy-duty blades ensure quick and clean snips, making them ideal for body and machine shops.

With a net weight of just 1.0kg and a length of 200mm, this air shear scissor is lightweight and easy to handle, even in tight spaces. It consumes just 3.7 CFM of air, making it energy-efficient and cost-effective. The air inlet size is 1/4", and the hose size is 3/8", with an air pressure of 90 psi (6.3 kg/cm2).

Choose Lematec for your pneumatic tool needs and experience the difference in quality and performance. Contact us today to place your order and use our professional OEM/ODM services.

* Air Scissors are ideal for contour snip.
* The heavy-duty blades make quick and clean snips.
* The scissors are ideal for body shops and machine shops.

Capacity: 1.2 mm (Steel) , 1.6 mm (Aluminum)
Max Speed: 2,600 rpm
Head: 3 Shear Head
Net Weight: 1.0 kg
Length: 200 mm
Air Cons. : 3.7 CFM
Air Inlet: 1/4"
Hose Size (I.D.) : 3/8"
Air Pressure: 90 psi (6.3 kg/cm2)

*The body is covered with soft glue, which makes it more comfortable.
*Simple and convenient to use it to work.