1/4" Air Regulator With Digital Air Gauge DAE06E-1

*With its precise digital gauge, you can easily control the airflow/pressure with exact values.

*The back-light feature ensures easy visibility in low-light environments.

*With valve lock to avoid accidentally touching the valve.

UNIVERSAL DIGITAL AIR PRESSURE GAUGE: For the complete convenience, the DAR06E-1 Digital Air Pressure Gauge is designed with standard and universal settings of 0-160 PSI , 0-11.0 Bar , 0-11 kgf/㎝² , 0-1,100 Kpa with Pressure Increments of 0.5PSI / 0.05Bar / 0.05kg/cm² / 5 Kpa. It works best at 0-160 PSI (+/-2%,@25℃) and can withstand extreme environmental conditions.

BACK-LIGHT AND AUTO SHUT-OFF DISPLAY: The DAR06E-1 Digital Air Compressor Regulator comes with a smart design which includes a digital LCD display with back-lit function for easy to read pressure settings. It is powered by a replaceable CR2032 battery and has an auto shut-off mechanism to conserve battery life.

PRECISE AND DURABLE AIR COMPRESSOR REGULATOR: All Lematec air compressor accessories and tools always live up to everyone’s expectations. Accurately measure and set air pressure using DAR06E-1 Digital Air Flow Regulator. Made with POM material, this digital air pressure gauge offers heavy-duty feature that is perfect for automotive, industrial, manufacturing, commercial and other DIY applications.

1/4" Air Flow Regualtor Valve With Digital Pressure Gauge

Model Number:DAR006E-1


LCD:Back-Light Support

Weight:0.2 kgs


Measures pressure range:0-160 PSI , 0-11 Bar , 0-11 kg/cm² , 0-1,100 Kpa

Batter replaceable:Yes

Auto-shut off:Yes,conserve battery power

Air inlet/outlet:1/4"


Made in:Taiwan

Pressure Increments:0.5PSI / 0.05Bar / 0.05kg/cm² / 5 Kpa.


How does lematec digital air regulator gauge works for spray paint gun?

Packaging List:White Box
Delivery Time:20~60 days after order confirmed

*Body one-piece forming, more lightweight.
*Adjusting traffic, according to the demand to adjust in comparison.
*Setting function
a. Power On/Off
b. Units switching / zeroing
c. Auto-off deivce time setting, 30/60/90/180 seconds.