1/4" Air Oil Water Separator Filter

  1. Removes water vapor, dirt, dust and oil vapor from air lines.
  2. Optimal for spray painting and other applications.
  3. 1/4" inlet and outlet
  4. Made in Taiwan

*Works n any position.

*Easy draining valve.
*Industry strength in-line 1/4" filter.
*Instantly separates water and oil
*Good for spray paint guns and other air tools.

This filter has a maximum operating capacity of 150 PSI but works very efficiently at any pressure setting. It has a standard operating pressure of 90 PSI, but it is at its absolute best working condition anywhere from 25- 150 PSI. With LEMATEC AI-303, the air purification process is made easy and convenient with less stress on your compressed air system and operation. This water, oil and dirt filter removes unwanted particles off the air system/tools with a specialized drain valve and rejects the collected by-products and clears the air to allow only pure and clean air to pass through toward your air tool. It keeps the CDA lines dry.

Metal Case 1/4" Oil Water Separator with Drain Valve

Model Number: AI-303

Material: Aluminium

With: Water drain valve

Optimal for: Spray gun and other air tools / Air in-line

Air inlet/outlet:1/4"

Patent: Yes

Made in Taiwan

Operating Pressure:90 PSI. Max to 150 PSI


Metal Case 1/4" Oil Water Separator with Drain Valve

Packaging list: Blister Card/Box

Carton:10 sets/inner box. 10 inner box/ctn


Delivery Time:20~45 Days After Order Confirmed


inner box:29.0 * 15.0 * 10.5 cmd

ctn:61.0 * 30.5 * 46.0 cmd