Digital Tire Pressure Gauge With Bluetooth & APP

  1. Body: Plastic & TPR
  2. Body Size: 124 * 37 mm , Weight: 52 g
  3. Chuck

APP in Apple store (FREE) Program Name: BLE Tire Pressure Gauge

Operating Description

A. Download the APP, power on the screen as follows

B. Setting operating instructions:
Scan/Pairing: Power on the tire pressure gauge, and then press the Scan/Pairing key, you can pair your iphone and tire pressure gauge online.
Disconnect: After use, press this key to disconnect the iphone and gauge, or gauge will auto power off after 1 minute, and automatically cut off the connection.

Setting: Can be used to set the standard value and pressure unit for four tires of auto.
When the measured value is greater than the set value 10% (110%), the displayed value will become a red font; when the measured value is less than the set value 10% (90%), the displayed value is a yellow font. If the measured value is ± 10% of the standard range, the displayed value is a green font.

Clear: To clear all measured values on cell phone screen.

C. Measured value transmission

a. Post:
This function is to publish the measured data picture to social websites, printing and store the measured value , or directly transfer the tire pressure information to entered Email addresses, or kept for storage purpose,and share your tire pressure info to Facebook!

b. Send:
To convert the measured data to text files and transfer to the entered Email address for backup or storage purpose.

D. Tire pressure gauge operating instructions: Power on /switch unit key:
a. Press to turn on, in the power on state, press this key to switch units.
b. Press over 3 seconds to turn off.

Tire location select /LED lighting key:
a. In the power on sate, press this key to switch measuring tire location, and this location is sent to the mobile phone display.
Tire location, switch order is: L1>L2>R1>R2>L1>
b. In the power on state, press this key (hold 3 sec or more) to turn on the LED lights; then long press this key to turn off the LED lights.

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge With Bluetooth

Measure Range: Psi-Bar-Kpa-Kg/cm2

Unit Changeable: Psi-Bar-Kpa-Kg/cm2

Pressure Increments: 0.5PSI / 0.05Bar / 5 Kpa / 0.05 Kg/cm2

Automatic Shut off After 90 Seconds of Non-Usage to Conserve Battery Life

Large LCD Display for Easy Reading


Temperature Range: -10°C~ 45°C

Supply Voltage: two 3.0V Battery. (CR2032)

Measuring Range form 0-200 PSI (+/- 1PSI )

Patent Number:



  1. Operation Current: 16.0 mA with Blue tooth operating
  2. Standby Current: 1.5 uA
  3. Auto OFF: 60 sec
  4. Back LED: 10 sec
  5. Display clear to zero: 15 sec
  6. Resolution: 0.1 PSI
  7. 4 Units: PSI/ BAR/ KG/cm²/ KPA
  8. Low Battery: 2.6V / 2.4V
  9. LED Light (White color LED)
  10. 2 batteries (CR2032) in house