Air Blow And Suction Cleaner Gun Tool Kits AS-119


  • Quick change from blow to vacuum function.

  • Patent design.

  • With four different size vacuum accessories.

  • Fits all jobs, widely application.

  • Air Powered Vacuum and Blow.

Item No.AS119, Air blow and vacuum gun kits

There is a clear difference found before and after using an air blow gun that is the amount of dust and dirt. The vacuum and blow cleaner is light and easy to use with one hand. It could change between blowing and vacuum easily. The blow gun kit has one shop brush, one flat tube, one tiny tube, and two extension
tubes and a dust bag. The air vacuum and blow gun could be used for houses, cars, and industrial clearing.

Using Lematec vacuum cleaner with different sizes of the tube could help you to clean those stubborn areas, for example, And the extension tubes could let you clean the area that you cannot reach, such as vents and high ceiling fixtures.

Air duster could blow or suck stubborn debris, dust, water and more of all kinds of materials. It could also suck anything with suction of over 5 pounds.
All made in Taiwan, air tools manufacturer/supplier.

Air Vaccum & Blow Gun kits Air Wonder Gun

Model Number:AS-119

Material:Nylon Composite

Operating Pressure:90 PSI.

Air Flow at 100 PSI:16 CFM

Air Inlet:1/4" with 20 Mesh Filter

Vacuum:1.2 Kg

With:Four Different Size Vacuum Accessories

Patent Protection:Yes



Composite Body Gun:1 PCS

Extension tube:2 PCS

Brush Tube:1 PCS

Flat Tube:1 PCS

Tiny Tube:1 PCS

Dust Bag:1 PCS

LEMATEC Air wonder gun-Quick change
from air vacuum gun to air blow gun
Air Suction/Blow Gun Kit

LEMATEC Air vacuum gun and blow gun kits
( Air wonder gun)

AS-119 Air Vaccum & Blow Gun kits Air Wonder Gun

Packaging List:Color Box

Carton:24 sets/ctn.


Delivery Time:20~60 days after order confirmed


Carton Size:61.0 * 40.0 * 44.0 cm

*We could provide the service of customized, labe for free with low moq.
*OEM/ODM service to customized yours.

Industrial-Strength Air Blow Gun and Vacuum

When it comes to vacuums and blowers, you have to look for the one that is durable and can be used in any industry. The Lematec Air Suction Blow Gun and Vacuum Kit are intended to be an all-around air blower with a vacuum. Made out of hardwearing materials, it is designed for longer and more economical use. The gun is tough lightweight aluminum that can endure impacts from drops and bumps, making it ideal for any workshop and industrial environment. All attachments are heavy-duty with a smooth tip finish to avoid scratches on the surfaces being cleaned. With a compact design, it can operate at a normal range of 100 PSI and up to 150 PSI max.