5" 6" Air Random Orbital Sander



1.Low vibration provides swirl-free finishes.
2. Durable, lightweight composite housing design
3. Low profile balanced sanding pad included.
4. Made in Taiwan with high quality.

*5" 6" Air Central Vacuum Random Orbital Sander No.LE-ROS-868N
Why Choose us? 

1. Low vibration provides swirl-free finishes.
 2. Durable, lightweight composite housing design
 3. Low profile balanced sanding pad included.
 4. Made in Taiwan with high quality.
 5. Innovative anti-dust protection system.
 6. Dual vacuum shroud.
*Low noise exhaust sleeve.
*Vacuum adapt set.
*Control lever.
*Innovative anit-dust protection system.
*More efficiency, more power.
Ergonomic Design
*The unique grip design and rubber over-mold create an
excellent non-slip feel also insulate cold.  
*The shape of the housing conforms to operator’s hand
with proper wrist position for greater comfort and control.

Less Vibration
*The air motor is suspended by vibration -absorbing rubber 
ring to minimize vibration for comfort.

Hardened Steel Alloy Cylinder
*Longer cylinder life and less maintenance

Low Sound Level
*New muffling system reduces sound level to 80 dBA.

Dual Vacuum Shroud
*The dual vacuum shroud features an extra vacuum 
pick-up around the outer edge of sanding pad that extracting
the sanding residues spreading outward and provides a dust
free environment.  Available for lematec orbital sanders.


Pad Dia: 5”or 6"
Dia. Orbit: 3/16"
Weight: 1.15 kgs
Rotation Speed: 11,000
Air Inlet: 1/4"
Avg. Air Cons.1.6 CFM

*Long cylinder life (hardened steel alloy cylinder).
*5mm/2.5mm diameter orbit.
*Durable, lightweight, composite housing design.
*Low vibration provides swirl-free finishes.
*Perfectly balanced weight-mated pad.
*Collocate velcro pad by youself.

LE-ROS-868N, Non Vacuum

LE-ROS-868C5, Central Vacuum
LE-ROS-868-SC5, Self Vacuum

Packing : 10 pcs / 11 kgs / 12 kgs / 1.7'
Inner Box23*15*11 cm
Master Carton80.3*24.2*24.2 cm
White Box

*Sanding metal.
*Polish sheet metal.
*Sanding furniture.
*Remove iron rust.
*For automotive, car care, maintenance, workshop, industry and so on.

*Reduce sound/noise to 80 dbs.