Hand Riveter Gun Rivet Fastening tool

1. Rivet Heavy Duty Riveter Gun Kit.
2. Nonslip Cushioned Handle Grips Saving Effort Comfort.
3. With 4 Different Sizes Of Rivets.
4. Portable Rivet Heads And Wrench.
5. Wide Application-in of Different Construction And Repair Applications.
6. Sturdy Material Aluminum Alloy Body Anti-rust Performance Longer Lifetime.

Hand Riveter Gun Rivet Fastening tool



Model: LE-RG02
Handle Material: Steel
Grip Material: TPR
Dimensions:25.4 CM
Rivet Size:
2.4(3/32") , 3.2(1/8") , 4.0(5/32") , 4.8 mm(3/16")


  1. Construction: Hand riveter guns are commonly used in construction for joining metal sheets, panels, and frames, as well as for fastening insulation and roofing materials.

  2. Automotive: Hand riveter guns are used in the automotive industry for fastening body panels, fenders, and trim pieces.

  3. Aerospace: Hand riveter guns are used in the aerospace industry for assembling aircraft components and structures.

  4. DIY projects: Hand riveter guns are often used for DIY projects, such as repairing metal furniture, creating metal artwork, and building metal structures.

  5. Metalworking: Hand riveter guns are used in metalworking to join pieces of metal together in a variety of applications, such as building metal frames or creating metal sculptures.

  6. Electrical and electronics: Hand riveter guns can be used in the electrical and electronics industry for securing wire and cable runs, and for attaching electrical components to metal structures.


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Hand Riveter Gun Rivet Fastening tool


Streamline Operations: Effortlessly rivet with our Nonslip Cushioned Handle Grips, saving you time and effort. Versatile Rivet Sizes: Equipped with 4 Different Sizes of Rivets, catering to various construction and repair applications.

On-the-Go Convenience: Portable Rivet Heads and Wrench for easy transportation and seamless use across multiple work sites. Uncompromising Durability: Crafted with a Sturdy Aluminum Alloy Body for exceptional anti-rust performance and an extended product lifetime.

Reliable Performance: Handle Material made of Steel ensures robustness, while Grip Material (TPR) provides added comfort during extended use. Take your industrial operations to new heights of efficiency and precision.

Witness the impact of our Heavy Duty Hand Riveter Gun Kit and experience enhanced productivity and superior results across your business. Invest in quality tools that deliver consistent performance and reliability.