Hand Riveter Gun Rivet Fastening tool

1. Rivet Heavy Duty Riveter Gun Kit.
2. Nonslip Cushioned Handle Grips Saving Effort Comfort.
3. With 4 Different Sizes Of Rivets.
4. Portable Rivet Heads And Wrench.
5. Wide Application-in of Different Construction And Repair Applications.
6. Sturdy Material Aluminum Alloy Body Anti-rust Performance Longer Lifetime.

Hand Riveter Gun Rivet Fastening tool



Model: LE-RG02
Handle Material: Steel
Grip Material: TPR
Dimensions:25.4 CM
Rivet Size:
2.4(3/32") , 3.2(1/8") , 4.0(5/32") , 4.8 mm(3/16")


  1. Construction: Hand riveter guns are commonly used in construction for joining metal sheets, panels, and frames, as well as for fastening insulation and roofing materials.

  2. Automotive: Hand riveter guns are used in the automotive industry for fastening body panels, fenders, and trim pieces.

  3. Aerospace: Hand riveter guns are used in the aerospace industry for assembling aircraft components and structures.

  4. DIY projects: Hand riveter guns are often used for DIY projects, such as repairing metal furniture, creating metal artwork, and building metal structures.

  5. Metalworking: Hand riveter guns are used in metalworking to join pieces of metal together in a variety of applications, such as building metal frames or creating metal sculptures.

  6. Electrical and electronics: Hand riveter guns can be used in the electrical and electronics industry for securing wire and cable runs, and for attaching electrical components to metal structures.