1" Heavy Duty Twin Hammer Air Impact Wrench LE-IW888

1" Heavy Duty Twin Hammer Air Impact Wrench is a robust and high-performance industrial-grade tool. Manufactured in Taiwan, this product is tailored for professional users and a wide array of industrial applications.

LE-IW888 1" Twin Hammer Air Impact Wrench

This wrench delivers a maximum torque of 1800 ft-lb (2441 Nm) and a speed of 4500 RPM, meeting the most demanding fastening needs. Its shock-resistant housing protects the internal components in harsh working environments, while the twin hammer mechanism ensures durability and consistent torque. Additionally, the wrench features low noise and vibration levels, enhancing user productivity and comfort.

Key Features:

  1. High Torque: Offers a maximum torque of 1800 ft-lb (2441 Nm) to handle various fastening tasks.
  2. Shock Resistant Housing: Sturdy housing protects the wrench internals across different working conditions.
  3. Twin Hammer Mechanism: Provides outstanding durability and consistent torque.
  4. Professional Grade: Suitable for experienced users and industrial applications.
  5. 4500 RPM: Allows for quick and efficient fastening and loosening of bolts.
  6. Made in Taiwan: Guarantees product quality and durability.

As a professional factory, we offer customized services, designing and manufacturing air impact wrenches based on customer needs. Whether in terms of product dimensions, torque range, or additional features, we can provide multiple options.

Our 1" Heavy Duty Twin Hammer Air Impact Wrench can be used in various industrial environments such as automotive manufacturing, heavy industries, maintenance workstations, etc. 

Purchase our LE-IW888 1" Heavy Duty Twin Hammer Air Impact Wrench for enhanced efficiency and comfort at work!



Square Drive(inch):1"
Bolt Capacity(mm):38
Working Torque ft.lb(Nm):250-1600(339-2170)
Max. Torque ft.lb(Nm):1800(2441)
Speed (RPM): 4500
Net Weight (Kg/Lb):5.7/12.54
Air Cons(m3/min): 0.32
Air InIet(inch) :3/8"
Hose Size(mm) :10
Sound Pressure(dBA): 97
Vibration(m/S2) :6.1
Mechanism: Twin Hammer
Packing :4pcs / 1.2cu-ft / G.W.:25.0kgs To Professional, Industry