Is the air regulator gauge can resistant to shop liquids and chemicals?

*Precisely Control and Regulate Airflow. The AR-01 HVLP Regulator gives you the precise control and regulation of airflow that is necessary to prevent overspray and loss of materials.

*High Impact Housing Air Regulator is built to last. With heavy-duty materials, it will handle the most extreme shop applications.

*Glass-made cover to shop liquids and chemicals.

*The LE LEMATEC Spray Gun Regulator is equipped with a Universal 1/4" NPT for more flexible air compressor and compressor tool applications.

*This regulator is designed to provide a consistent and stable flow of air, making it perfect for various applications.

*Operating Range 0-150 PSI. This mini air regulator is designed for various applications, including inflating tires, powering pneumatic tools, and much more.