Sandblasting Gun

Gravity feed abrasive portable sandblasting gun with nozzle could be used to remove rust from Iron, glass & mirror etching, Steel, and all types of metals, renew the article and etch the glass.

Try the Lematec hand air sandblasting gun AS118, and it will change your thinking about sandblasting entirely. This versatile tool is not just for men, in fact, our number one demographic is women seeking DIY projects.

Do you always have problems finding that perfect gift? Do you want to express yourself with that perfect gift? It's not difficult for you to make a unique gift with sandblasted glass. If you have a sandblasting gun, you can draw any pattern you want on the glass. You could use sandblasting gun to do a special gift for your friend. 

We are welcome to offer OEM/ODM service to you, please refer to the following service. Design, Made Sample, Produce Tooling, Final confirm, Mass Produce! Our team could help you to make your own tools. All are made in Taiwan with high quality. Sandblaster gun manufacturer/supplier in Taiwan.