1/4" Air Regulator Valve with Swivel Connector AR07/DAR07B

1. Suit to Pneumatic Tools Operation.
2. Durable & Efficient: Solvent-Resistant, Lightweight Aluminum Construction.
3. Advanced Digital Air Gauge: Accurate Pressure Measurements.
4. Multi-Pressure Units: PSI, Bar, kg/cm², and Kpa with Auto-Off Function.
5. Robust Design: Impact-Resistant Case for Tough Conditions.
6. Portable & User-Friendly: Lightweight with Replaceable Battery.
7. Professional Services: OEM and ODM Services for Tailored Requirements.

Highly Efficient and Durable 1/4" Air Regulator Valve - Tailored for Professionals, Factories, and Procurement Specialists.

Introducing our cutting-edge 1/4" Air Regulator Valve with a swivel connector, specifically designed to safeguard your air tools and exhibit solvent resistance under typical usage conditions. This regulator, crafted from aluminum, offers both lightweight handling and effortless operation with its 1/4" inlet and outlet.

As a leading factory and manufacturer, we pride ourselves on producing superior products. Our air regulator's advanced digital air gauge ensures accurate air pressure measurements for spray guns and other air tools, making it an indispensable asset for any professional or DIY enthusiast.

As a trusted manufacturer, we offer OEM and ODM services, allowing our clients to get products tailored to their unique requirements. Our commitment to providing top-tier, long-lasting products aligns with our target audience's needs, including factories, procurement specialists, and professionals.

Join us in achieving optimal control over your air tools with our dependable and precise 1/4" air regulator.

*Boasting three pressure units, this air regulator provides a comprehensive range of measurement options, including PSI, Bar, kg/cm², and Kpa. Its auto-off function and impact-resistant case guarantee durability and reliability, even under strenuous working conditions.

*The air regulator weighs just 0.35 kg, making it lightweight and portable, an excellent tool for professionals operating across various locations. It has a replaceable battery and an auto-shutoff feature, enhancing its energy efficiency and easy maintenance.


*Model Number:AR07(dial gauge)/DAR07B(digital gauge)

Material: Aluminum

Air inlet/outlet:1/4" with swivel connector

Measures pressure range: 0-140 PSI, 0-10.0 BAR ; 0-160 PSI, 0-11 Bar, 0-11 kg/cm², 0-1,100 Kpa

Battery replaceable: Yes, CR2032

Auto-shut off: Yes

Weight:0.25 kgs

Made in Taiwan




Air Flow Regulator Valve With Gauge

Packaging List: White Box



Delivery Time:20~60 days after the order confirmed

Size:0.136 kgs < 8.3 * 7.5 * 7.6 cm>

Carton Size:38.0 * 35.0 * 40.5 cm