LEMATEC gravity feed sandblasting media gun AS118

  1. Dry abrasives can be used, such as soda, sand, special sand, and so on.
  2. Easy and convenient to operate.
  3. Remove rust, paint, oil, and so on.
  4. Comfort grip handle.
  5. Safety vented tank.
  6. Gravity Feed Portable Type Sandblasting gun.

Item No. AS118-Sandblaster Gun

*Perfect For Your Work Or Hobby
Glass Etching and stone carving are among the many sandblasting crafts that are becoming trendy. Whether you sandblast for business or personal use, this portable sand blaster is easy to use.

*The Wonders of Using Lematec Portable Sandblaster
Working in a busy workshop or industrial setting requires tools that will give you 100% reliability and accuracy. The Lematec Portable Sandblaster is a wise investment that you can benefit from in the long run.

LEMAETC Portable Sandblaster Gun

Model Number: AS118

Material: ABS

Hopper:600cc (18 oz) PE

Operating Pressure:90 PSI. Max to 150 PSI

Air Flow at 90 PSI:10 CFM

Air Inlet:1/4" with 20 MESH FILTER

Nozzle:2-15/16" L * 7/32" DIA/5.0m/m STEEL

Type: Gravity Feed Air Sandblasting

Pressure Range:90~120 PSI, Max to 150 PSI

Application Abrasives Size:46# -220#

Patent Protection: Yes

*Precautions & Sandblaster gun FAQ. Air compressor, working, applications, and others for Lematec sandblaster.

*Fake sandblaster of AS118 to compare ours

*How does sandblaster gun work and what can we use it to do?

*Do you think removing rust or etching glass is so difficult? Using the LEMATEC Sandblaster gun lets you do it quickly.

*How to etch glass products with LEMATEC Sandblaster Gun?

*Don't you think cleaning tile trouble you? Using LEMATEC Sandblasting Gun can let you clean easily.

LEMAETC Portable Sandblaster Gun

Packaging list: Double Blister Or Box

Size:0.590 kgs

Carton:Size : 38.5 * 38.5 * 34.5 cm

Carton:6 sets/ctn.


Delivery Time:20~60 Days After Order Confirmed

*Supports various media/abrasives, such as walnut, sand, oxide aluminum, soda, glasses and so on.
*Lightweight and portable sandblater gun.
*High power design to support 150 PSI. Working Pressure from 90-120 PSI

Can it sandblast wood?
Can it sandblast stainless steel?
Can it sandblasts cast iron?
Can it sandblast wood furniture?

Yes, it can do those and following of application.


 1. Pretreatment
 2. Cleaning
 4.Etching anti-skid processing
 5.Defective product revises