How to Easy to Make Decor Ideas for Chinese New Year? Simple to do it by sandblasting

How to Easy to Make Decor Ideas for Chinese New Year? Simple to do it by sandblasting. Do it Now. You can try the sandblasting process, use sandblasting on the unnecessary glass/acrylic board/wooden board, and the garbage will be turned into gold immediately! It's very environmentally friendly and practical. But...Can I also sandblast myself? It's easy to do with a Rematic blaster! How to do it?

*Use a sandblasting gun to load the abrasive-diamond sand, and then use high-pressure spraying to treat the glass surface into foggy particles. This method can be called sandblasting glass, etching glass, and atomized glass

  1. First, prepare a transparent glass and evenly spray a layer of paint on it
  2. Design your favorite words or patterns by sandblasting stickers and pasting them on the glass surface
  3. When sandblasting, you can see that the sandblasting removes the paint on the surface and atomizes the glass at the same time
  4. Gently peel off the sticker to present the result

The glass sandblasting process has a unique texture! Diversified pattern design can show different styles! The brand new creative glass Spring Festival couplets must be an eye-catching highlight when displayed during the Chinese New Year! At present, sandblasting is a common method of handicraft. It is simple and quick to operate. When there is no large-scale sandblasting equipment, use LEMATEC powerful pneumatic sandblasting gun for portable operation. Generally, DIY is also easy to use. Suitable for cultural and creative design, installation art, interior, and exterior decoration design, the processing industry, and other applications.