What does Sandblaster Gun and how does it works?

More applications such as removing Rust, Paint or clean Oil, Dirt, Carbon deposits, and Moss.

The most people want to know about is the media? How should I choose the correct sand media for sandblasting?

Why choose the LEMATEC sandblaster?


Why choose the LEMATEC sandblaster? If you're looking for a quality sandblaster...

How to choose sand/media for your project?


How to choose sand/media for your project? Sandblasting is a type of abrasive to remove...

Easiest Way to Restoration Rusty Tools by Sandblasting, LEMATEC


Tool has rust? How to remove rust? Check it.

How does LEMATEC Sandblaster Gun work?


LEMATEC Sandblaster is an all-new air tool that brings an effective solution for spot blasting....

How to etch glass products with your sandblaster? Check it now


Try the lematec sandblasting gun AS118, and it will change your thinking about sandblasting entirely....

What does Sandblaster Gun and why should I have one?


Lematec Sandblaster Gun was designed to outperform, with its gravity fed reservoir, which means more...

How to choose the correct media to sandblast?


Do you always feel trouble how to choose the right media when sandblasting?

What Application Is Sandblasting Gun Used For?


You do not know what sandblasting gun can be used to do.

How to DIY restoration horseshoes to decorate Christmas?


Why use horseshoes to decorate? .....

How to clean the swimming pools efficiently and quickly by sandblaster gun? Check it NOW


LEMATE new sandblaster gun, it can wash swimming pool efficiently...

How to do sandblasting art in an indoor studio without sandblasting machine (cabin)?


If you won't use sandblaster gun in the cabin, and it will...

How to do sandblasting more safely?


Under without experience and train, user will forget to wear protective things.....

How to disinfect by sandblaster gun? More Application


How to use sandblaster gun to disinfect?

How to quickly remove carbon build up from your pots and pans by lematec sandblaster?


How to quickly remove the carbon on your pots and pans?

Review LEMATEC new sandblaster gun with siphon hose


You will see how easy to remove rust by LEMATEC sandblaster gun....