Eye Protective Glasses Goggle Anti Shock Scratch Fog UV Taiwan Made

  1. Anti-fog.
  2. Anti-spitting splash.
  3. Prevent contact infection
  4. Durable to proof impact.
  5. Anti UV400.
  6. Made in Taiwan.

(1) Anti-fog.
(2) Anti-spitting splash.
(3) Prevent contact infection
(4) Durable to proof impact.
(5) Anti UV400.
(6) Made in Taiwan.
For Industry, Wooding, Lab, Medical and so on. 

*UV resistanice up to 400
*Comfortable to wear
*Anit impact to 300 lbs, EN166
(1)Size: 13.5*14.5*5.5 cm
(2)Weight: 39g

300 Pcs per carton, 16 kgs