1/4" Digital Air filter with regulator AI303-R2

  1. Removes water vapor, dirt, dust and oil vapor from air inlines.
  2. With Drain Valve.
  3. Watch with a pointer clearly visible scale.
  4. Optimal for spray painting, plasma...etc.
  5. 1/4" inlet and outlet.
  6. Digital LCD display
  7. Impact-resistant housing.
  8. Solvent resistance based on normal usage.
  9. Made in Taiwan.

*AI303-R2, an air filter with regulator and digital pressure gauge, 1/4 inch
*Pressure/flow adjustable and moisture trap/filter are done at once!
*For air tools, air systems, machines, spray paint guns, plasma cutters...etc.

(1) Removes water vapor, dirt, dust, and oil vapor from the inline air system.
(2) With Drain Valve.
(3) Watch with a pointer clearly visible scale.
(4) Optimal for spray painting, plasma...etc.
(5) 1/4" inlet and outlet.
(6) Digital LCD display
(7) Impact-resistant housing.
(8) Solvent resistance based on normal usage.
(9) Made in Taiwan.

Lematec-made air filter with the regulator is good for air inline tools, such as air spray guns, plasma, or others. It can be easily installed into a compressed air system, and it can be used with a variety of air-powered tools and equipment. It is also easy to adjust the pressure as needed, making it a convenient and user-friendly tool.

*2 in 1 design of pressure regulating and filtering liquid to speed up working efficiency.

*Press the release valve to eject all the waste that was trapped inside.
*Battery is replaceable, CR2032 x1.

*LCD Display and easy to read.
*Pressure range from 0~160 PSI, support PSI, BAR, KPA
*Auto-off function.

*Impact-resistant housing & Solvent Resistant surfaces.
*Without a screw, easy to change the battery.

This is LEMATEC's Air Filter with a regulator. It is designed to be used with air tools, for example, spray guns and sandblasters. The inline filter system attaches to the air hose, capturing any dust particles or other contaminants before they can reach the tool. This reduces wear on your equipment.


The filter works by trapping all of the water coming through it, which means that no matter what you are doing - whether it's spraying paint or sanding a piece of furniture, keep the air dry always

Inline air filter and oil water separator with a regulator. This is a great accessory for spray gun users to keep their equipment running at peak performance!

How to use our air filter with digital air regulator gauge and why choose it?