1/4" Air Pressure Regulator With Gauge AR-02

  1. PSI/BAR two unit
  2. Watch with a pointer Clearly visible scale.
  3. 1/4" inlet and outlet
  4. Metal gauge Impact-resistant housing.
  5. Solvent resistant based on normal usage.
  6. For Spray gun, air tools.
  7. Made in Taiwan.
  8. Diaphragm Regulator

*AR-02, Diaphragm type air pressure regulator.

*For Spray paint guns, air tools and air line(air compressor, machine)

*Glass surface gauge with metal case.

Model Number: AR-02

Regulator made by: ZINC

Case Material: Metal

Gauge surface: Mirror

Weight:0.35 kgs

Measures pressure range:0-140PSI, 0-10 BAR

Air inlet/outlet:1/4"

Regulator Type by Diaphragm

Made in Taiwan

*DIAPHRAGM TYPE INLINE REGULATOR: Provides increased regulator sensitivity for precise airflow control.
 Suitable for ¼-inch inlet and outlet configuration, and can measure the pressure of 0-140PSI,0-10 BAR.
*WIDE VARIETY OF APPLICATIONS: Perfect compressed air accessory for air tools such as spray guns, sandblasters, plasma cutters, HVLP guns, and more.

*Developed to perform in tough conditions, this inline pressure regulator is made out of Zinc material that can withstand impacts from drops and bumps and can resist solvents and other chemicals in normal use.

*How To Use?
1. Attach the AR-02 Air Compressor Regulator with a Gauge between your airline and air tool.
2. Set the pressure according to your work requirement by adjusting the pressure valve and referring to the Clear Gauge.
3. Start your operation and enjoy.

Dial Air Regualtor With Pressure Gauge

Packaging List:Plain Box

Carton:100 sets/ctn


Delivery Time:20~60 Days After Order Confirmed