1/4" Air Regulator With Lock AR-03


Item No. AR-03

  1. PSI/BAR two unit
  2. Watch with a pointer Clearly visible scale.
  3. 1/4" inlet and outlet
  4. Metal gauge Impact-resistant housing.
  5. Solvent resistant based on normal usage.
  6. For Spray gun, air tools.
  7. Made in Taiwan.
  8. With Lock

1/4" Air Regulator With Lock AR-03

For spray paint guns, air tools to adjust pressure.

Model Number: AR-03

The regulator made by: POM

Case Material: Metal

Weight:0.35 kgs

Measures pressure range:0-140PSI, 0-10 BAR

Air inlet/outlet:1/4"

Regulator Type: Flow Valve

Made in: Taiwan


Packaging List:Plain Box

Carton:100 sets/ctn


Delivery Time:20~60 Days After Order Confirmed