Pneumatic Needle Scaler 4000 BPM 19 Needles LE-AN105

(1) Used in industrial applications to remove rust and metal surfaces.
(2) ergonomic design.
(3) Is versatile, durable, and can be used for surface preparation.
(4) For chiseling or smoothing welds, castings, and other materials.
(5) Durable and simple design.

Pneumatic Needle Scaler 4000 BPM 19 Needles, LE-AN105

A pneumatic air needle scaler is a handheld power tool used for surface preparation, cleaning, and removal of paint, rust, and other materials from metal surfaces. It operates using a series of reciprocating needles that strike the surface at high speeds, chipping away the removed material.

Model: LE-AN105
Needle Size:7" inch
Needles:19 pc
Stoke speed: 4000 Bpm
Net Weight:2.05 Kg/4.51 Lb
Length:325 mm
Air Cons: 0.12 m3/min
Air InIet:1/4" inch
Hose Size:8 mm
Sound Pressure:91 dBA
Vibration:14.5 m/S2


The tool is powered by compressed air and is commonly used in the automotive, construction, and metal fabrication industries. It is also used for general maintenance and repair tasks.

Removing paint and rust from metal surfaces: The tool's needles can effectively remove paint and rust from metal surfaces, leaving behind a clean surface that can be painted or treated.

Cleaning welds: The tool's needles can clean and prepare welded surfaces for finishing or inspection.

Deburring: The needles can remove burrs and sharp edges from metal surfaces, creating a smooth and safe finish.

Cleaning concrete and masonry: The tool's needles can also clean concrete and masonry surfaces.

Removing scale and buildup: The tool effectively removes scale and buildup from metal surfaces, such as in industrial equipment and machinery.