Review LEMATEC new sandblaster gun with siphon hose

Welcome our best partner, Charles, to shoot this great video; you will see how easy to remove rust from the LEMATEC sandblaster gun with siphon hose, AS118-2 This new design sandblasting gun with siphon hose is not only for DIY small items but also good for large area/big project by siphon.

 This is all made possible by Lematec AS118-2 Portable Sandblaster Kit. It is designed to deliver gravity feed (with a suction cup on top) and siphon feed (with a 6-foot siphon hose and siphon tube). With this simple and small sandblaster compared to conventional sand blasting equipment with a cabinet, the AS118-2 sandblaster gun offers high flexibility and convenience of use. Perform gravity feed sandblasting or siphon feed sandblasting with no problems. It also provides a fast setup and is very easy to use. This is one compressed air tool that is worth your investment!


Make Automotive Work Quick and Easy such as Engine Block cleaning, Frame Rust Removal, and much more with this Sandblasting Gun. Use as a Soda Blaster for glass etching and all your DIY projects. The ceramic nozzle is more durable.