How to choose the suitable spray gun?

How to choose a suitable spray gun?


There are many types of spray guns. It can divide into the following types depends inpainting method.


If not choose the suitable spray gun depending on the use, the result and thoughts will be different.


  1. Airless sprayer

Pros: High painting speed, can create thick coatings

Cons: create rough finishes. Not suitable for small items.

Transfer efficiency: around 50%

It works well for: exterior walls, fences, bridges and ships.

When painting, it leaves thick tails on both sides of pattern.


    1. HVLP spray gun

    Pros: transfer efficiency higher than air spray gun

    Cons: not suitable for high-viscosity fluids

    Transfer efficiency: about 50% to 60%

    It works well for cabinets, furniture, molding, DIY job

    It is slower to paint with and unsuitable for professional applications.

  1. LVLP spray gun

Pros: suitable for painting large surface

Cons: Not powerful enough to work with thicker painting.

Suitable for: Interior walls, fences and desks.


  1. Gravity feed spray gun

Pros: precise, easy to clean up

Cons: Not good for high-volume work.

Suitable for: spraying car.

  1. Compressed air paint sprayers

Pros: can handle a variety of target and fluid types.

Cons: overspray, cause large if Volatile Organic (VOC).

Transfer efficiency: about 30% to 40 % (waste 60% of coating used)