Importance of tire treads depth when driving

Protecting yourself and your family starts with understanding the role tire treads play in safe driving, and when it's time to change tires.

All knows that driving with bald tires is dangerous. Even on dry, well maintained roads, it's simply to happen the accident. Driving too fast on slippery roads only increases chances of accidents. Bald tires is one of the leading reasons of accidents.
1. Too much heat buildup.
When driving with high speed, tire need to withstand high fairly levels of heat. Once the surface temperature reaches a particular limit, driving become unsafe. 
Treads help cool the tire by allowing air to flow in between the grooves. Bald tires don’t have the grooves provided by treads, the heat will be easy to buildup to cause the accident.

2. Increased risk of hydroplaning
tire tread depth can channel water away from the tire, allowing it to maintain a firm grip on the wet road.
Shallower the grooves, the greater the risk of hydroplaning.

3. Difficult driving in snow or ice
If without snow tires, it will be dangerous to drive on a road covered with snow or ice can be risky.
Tire tread depth help improve traction by providing more surface area to grip the road.

4. Loss of air pressure
Bald tires lose air faster than tires with great tire depth.

5. Sudden blowouts
Treads can help reduce the chances of blowout. The tread depth isn't enough and with high speed, if you run over the sharp objects, the bald tires are easy to blowout.

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