Make the best choice between air tools and electric tools

Make the best choice between air tools and electric tools. Are air tools better than power tools?

If you still don't know which types of tools you should choose, you're in the right place.
Why are air tools better than electric tools? Keep reading and you will find which type is the best choice for you.

Why do you choose the pneumatic tools? Please check the following reasons:

1. The lifetime of air tools is longer than electric tools.
Because the electric tools need to replace the battery or recharge.
If you want to extend the lifetime of air tools. Please remember to maintain, clean the air tools and the air compressor.
2. The price of air tools is cheaper than electric tools.
3. The volume of air tools is smaller than electric tools.
4. Safety
Because compressed air is clean, it usually causes very few fire accidents. Besides, there is no risk of electric shock due to cords or batteries- especially when exposed to fluids like coolant or water.
5. The weight of air tools is lighter than electric tools. 
Air tools are the better choice for the users who will use it for a long using time. 
Because it’s not including the battery, air tools are lighter and the power is higher. 
It's suitable for indoor and outdoor. 
Because the electric tools are including the battery, its weight is heavier. It’s not suitable to use it for a long time. It is usually used indoor.
6. The CP value of air tools is higher than electric tools.
If you want to buy an air compressor to use the air tools, it's a good idea. Because its CP value is higher. If you have an air compressor, you can use all types of air tools. For example air blow dusters, portable sandblasting guns, air impact wrenches, etc.
7. Variety of application
The CP value of the air foam gun is higher than that of the high-pressure cleaning gun

If you want to use the air cannon and then you will need to buy a high-pressure washer. You only can use it to wash the car. 

If you buy an air foam gun kit, it can use to wash the car, sprinkler, blowing dust, sandblast.

If you want to learn more about which types of pneumatic or electrical tools are good for you, hope this article can help you.

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