Amazing! Lematec Extension Air Blow Gun to make clean easily

Is cleaning high spots and wide areas a burden to you? The Best Way to Clean High Spots, Wide Areas, and Hard to Reach Places with an Air Blow Gun

When you need to clean such areas including hard-to-reach spaces, you wish you had smaller and longer arms to do it. The 2-foot to 4-foot length of this long extension blowgun can help you clean hard-to-reach areas like gutters, ceilings, tall windows, high air-conditioning units, underneath sections of your car, pipings, and more.


Cleaning Will Be More Fun, Housewife Will Love It.

  1. Extend
  2. Easy to store
  3. Not only men but also women could use it.

The Lematec extension air blow gun could extend from 2-4 foot, and 1-2 foot.

  1. Easy to store

The extension air blow gun has a hook that could help you to hang it on the wall. Do not worry it will take space.

3. Not only men but also women could use it.

Not only men but also women could use our extension air blow gun easily. Usually, people think that only a man could use the pneumatic tool in working time. Our air blow gun will change your mind because it could be used by women. Because it is lightweight.

What is an air blow gun?

It is a pneumatic tool that you need to use air compressor pressure for cars, houses, and computer hosts. It could clean fallen leaves, dirt, dust, even dust accumulation.

Why could the extension air duster gun clean the difficult-reach area and dust accumulation? How does an air blow gun work?

The Lematec Long Extension Blowgun is a great tool to clean or dry-out plants, pipes, grills, or other types of equipment. You'll be able to easily reach hard-to-clean spots and blow off the dirt. Its plastic extension head and handle are flexible. It has an ergonomic handle with grip threading that is easy to hold without requiring too much effort from the hand and forearm.


This extension blowgun is designed to be an indispensable item for your home and auto repairs. It features a brass tip which is very efficient in removing dust out of your precious appliances, mechanical parts, and even jewelry. You can use it to clean computers and other electronic gadgets with ease.

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Every time you usually spend so much time cleaning the house, and it is so tired, let the Lematec air blow gun be your good helper and efficiently clean hidden areas. If you get one Lematec high-pressure air blow gun, cleaning is convenient and not tired for everyone at all.

 Is there a high section of your house or workshop that has never been cleaned before? The blowgun is a good suitable for these challenging areas. You will no longer worry about falling from retractable stairs.

Try to get Lematec extension air blow gun AS-121-3C to use, and you will find it is a good choice. Best air blow gun you must have!

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