How to clean the swimming pools efficiently and quickly by sandblaster gun? Check it NOW

Summer is coming soon. It's time to prepare swimming things and clean dirty swimming pool. In the past using brush takes much time and much strength. How should do to wash swimming pool fast?

LEMATEC promotes new sandblaster gun, it can wash swimming pool efficiently. How it work? Please refer following description:

*LEMATEC new Gravity feed and Siphon feed sandblasting gun, it can remove dirty and moss fast by using dry soda powder or soda liquid. Pouring it into tank or using siphon feed method, and then high air pressure and soda powder hits dirty wall appearance.LEMATEC sandblasters not only can clean big area but also remove things hard to move by Gravity. It’s more convenient to use and also use eco-friendly method to replace chemicals.

*Refer LEMATEC Sandblasting gun's other application by soda, sand, such remove rust, dirt, garden, wall and so on.

Contact us right now, we can provide more product information and description. Enjoy the summer time!!