How to choose the best impact wrench according to your use?

How to choose the best impact wrench according to your use?

With many types on the market, it's difficult to select which types of impact wrenches are suitable. Follow the simple steps to help you find a suitable product.
1. Familiar with the tools
(1) Designed to tighten or untighten bolts. 
Often used in mechanic and industrial uses. When changing tires and disassembling car wheels or maintenance on oil platforms.
(2) Operating principle is rather simple. 
An impact mechanism composed of an anvil, hammer, and spring. It enables the wrench to tighten and untighten as needed.

2. Evaluates your needs
Desired torque range, power, and impact mechanisms design depend on the job.
As the latter affects the weight, vibration, speed, and durability of the tool. It can have an impact on user comfort and suitability.
(1) What are you looking for in a tool:
Power, efficiency, cordless, or multi-purpose use?
(2) Use environment: 
How to power the tool? Electric? Air?
(3) Torque: 
What does your use request, range, and precision?
(4) The clutch-type: 
Is the mechanism capable of delivering the power you need?
(5) Weight and material of the tool: 
Will it be easy to use over a long time?
Is the material a good match for your working environment?

3. Tool design
The design can play a key role in enhancing productivity. 
(1) A well-positioned center of gravity is a great advantage. Because it causes better support over extended times.
(2) Different handle shapes and trigger positions can improve user comfort.

4. Material of the tool 
Material is another critical consideration. 
(1) Metal tools are usually more robust, but too heavy to use over long times. 
(2) Composite tools are much lighter to enable better maneuverability. But the material made them less durable. 

Fortunately, the composite material has improved its strength and made it a good alternative to metal in many applications.
Note: Some users will be afraid of overtightening and damaging the studs. 
You can identify the ideal square by checking the size of the thread. If the square is too small compared to the thread, it will not be suitable and is likely to break. But, if the square is too large, it will be too strong and break the screw when tightening it.
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