Are you looking for a quick and inexpensive way to get your car sparkling clean

Are you looking for a quick and inexpensive way to get your car sparkling clean?


We're all guilty of letting the car get a little less than perfect over time. Sometimes it's just because we never got around to washing or vacuuming it, but other times there are more serious stains that need attention.


Have you ever tried to scrub your car with a sponge or cloth? It's painstaking work, and it takes forever.


If you have a few minutes and a worthy tool, you can easily do some quick detailing on your vehicle to keep it looking as if she rolled off the sales lot.


There are many types of car washing tools on the market. Keep reading and you will find which type is the best choice for you.


  1. Electric pressure washer/ Snow Foam Cannon:

* If you want to use a pressure washer to wash the automobile, you will need to spend a lot of money.

* Foam thickness is relatively high so it can keep on the surface of the vehicle for a long time.

* Because the pressure washer is consistently under high pressure, the lifespan is significantly diminished.


  1. Air pressure foam gun

* If you want to use the air snow foamer to clean automobiles, please confirm you have an air compressor “not necessary by recommended.”

* Most car washer foam guns need to use with air compressors while some can be used in a hybrid mode both with and without an air compressor connection.

Once you have the air compressor, then you can use many air tools (for example sandblaster, air blow duster, painting spray guns, etc.). Its cost-performance ratio is higher.

* Because the foam is produced by air, the foam is thicker allowing the foam to pull away dirt, grime, & oil more efficiently compared to the alternatives.

* The lifetime of an air snow foam gun is longer than that of a high-pressure washer.

  1. No air compressor no problem!

* As mentioned above, you can connect directly to your garden hose.

* Less equipment equals bigger savings.

* Foaming action is like that of a pressure washer “less thick” but convenient.

* Multiple uses other than car washing such as spreading lawn fertilizers, etc.

*The lifespan is much longer.


Electric pressure washer

Snow Foam Connon

Lematec Air pressure foam gun kitLow-pressure/water foam gun
Necessary equipmentHigh-pressure washer cleanerAir compressorWater sourcing
FunctionCar washing

1.     Foaming

2.     Sprinkling

3.     Watering

4.     Fertilizing

5.     Sandblasting

6.     Blowing

1.     Car washing

2.     Watering

3.     Fertilizing

Cost-performance ratio


Quality of foamed producedThickThickDilute
Durable of cupLowLongLong

LEMATEC 4 in 1 car foam gun kit has two types of advantages air snow lance foam gun kit and no pressure foam gun.


* Hybrid function for use with or without air compressors.

That’s why the LE LEMATEC Multi-Use Car Foaming Tool is so helpful! You can use this versatile tool on any surface of your vehicle – from paintwork to wheels – for fast-acting cleaning power.  And because it's pressure controlled, there are no worries about spraying water all over yourself while you wash either. This lightweight foam gun also has a long reach that makes washing even those hard-to-reach areas easy peasy - just press the trigger and watch as dirty grime dissolves away before your eyes.


The best thing is that if you don't have the air compressor and high-pressure cleaner machine, you can still use LEMATEC 4 in 1 foaming gun. You only need to connect to the garden hose, pull the trigger for instant foam, then rinse away with the included sprinkler nozzle - complete with safe automatic shut off upon use.


* Has four functions, foaming, sprinkling, sandblasting, and blowing.

Having a 4-in-1 kit, you can blow loose dirt before foaming to avoid scratching surfaces. If there is any rust or stubborn stains, you can also use the sandblaster function followed by your cleaning routine using any other four accessories.


One really fun and cool feature that we are super excited about is the blower attachment. After you finish washing your car, you can quickly add the blower attachment. It will stop water spots from forming and give you a showroom-like finish.


Clean your car like a pro today with the LE LEMATEC Car Foaming Gun!


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