What is the difference between airflow regulators and air pressure regulators?

If you're a DIY user, you should know the importance of understanding the difference between airflow regulators and air pressure regulators. Both types of regulators are used to control the flow of air in different ways, but they perform different functions. In this post, we'll outline the differences between airflow regulators and air pressure regulators. So that you can make an informed decision about which type is best for your needs.

Simply to say:

* Airflow regulator control airflow.

* Air pressure regulator limits the pressure export.

Collectively called “air regulator.”

It has differences depending on the structure and using environment.


  1. An Air regulator is called “airflow valve” or “air regulator valve.”

Generally speaking, the structure of the air regulator valve is simple. It is used to control flow and is suitable for the end of the air pressure system. Especially connecting to air tools.


If you want to adjust the flow/air pressure, you only can adjust it when using.

If the source of air pressure changes, the value of the regulator will change. It's suitable for the fixed air pressure source.

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  1. Air pressure regulators it is set on the front end of the air pressure system. It can limit the air pressure export. Of course, it can be used on the end of the air pressure system. But it will be a little heavier.


It can provide stable pressure and help the users to control the paint result. Despite overpressure or less pressure, it all will have an effect.

It's suitable for pressure shunt or the source, such as a relay station shunt. To ensure the pressure is the same on each airline.

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