How to DIY restoration horseshoes to decorate Christmas?

Simple and without cost. Make Christmas decorations different from others.

Why use horseshoes to decorate?

In the west country, horseshoes mean lucky. Why? It has three reasons, horse, iron and crescent.

*Horse: they consider only rich people will have horses. Horseshoes can protect horses couldn't be hurt. 

*Iron: It could be used to make weapons.

*Crescent: In Greek mythology, Artemis controls fertility and reproduction. Crescent is his representative. 

Don't know how to remove rust easily. Using a portable sandblasting gun to remove rust. Follow our steps, you will find it easy and quickly.

Put Sbrasive into a tank of sandblaster, and aim at the article. Remember sandblaster needs to be connected to an air compressor. It is so simple and fast.

Remember when you use horseshoes to decorate, horseshoes should be toward up. If you put horseshoes toward down, luck runs away from you.

If you don't know how to choose the tool, abrasive or how to operate, you could ask us at any time.

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