New arrival product, 4 in 1 air foam gun kit

4 in 1 air foam gun set car washing

New arrival product, Lematec 4 in 1 air foam gun kit, foram, sandblasting, blow and water functions.
Amazing tools! You can use it for wide applications through one set tool. 
Ideal for cleaning vehicle outside, including car surface, tire groove, and wheel rim, etc.
How to use an air compressor foam wash gun? Video on Youtube
air foam gun set car washing sprinkle blow dust
*You can make the car clean at home easily.
*It can be a foam gun, water spray gun, also duster gun.
*You can assemble the products according to your request.
*The Lematec Air Foam Gun is powered with or without an air compressor depending on your preference. It features many functions and is extremely versatile for your convenience.
*Good for Car, Auto, and Shop Detailer is the only tool with so much functionality. One tool many uses.
*Not just an average Foam Cannon Kit. Use it around the garden, pressure washing around your house, dusting your workshop or garage with ease.
*Blower attachment included ridding leftover moisture from all those nooks and crannies
 *Air Foam Gun is very versatile and works even without air. Just connect a water hose to blast out foam, making this a perfect commercial washing tool. It is lightweight and made of durable material, offering a strain-free detailing job.
air foam gun set car washing sprinkle blow dust sandblasting
New arrival lematec air foam gun set