What purpose is use air dryer for plasma cutting?

Many users will want to know that if they need to use the air filter on their compressor for the plasma cutters. They're not sure that its function and why it's useful for plasma cutting.
What purpose is to use an air moisture filter dryer for plasma cutting?

An air dryer can separate the moisture, oil, and particulates from the air coming from the compressor before into a plasma cutter.

These contaminates will cause plasma cutters to run out of torch consumables sooner, and reduce its efficiency.

Plasma cutters that run on unfiltered air can't produce as clean of cuts compared to one that runs on filtered air. It's obvious for the machines (CNC machines) that see long periods of operation time.
Is it valuable to buy an air filter? The answer is yes!

If you will use the plasma cutters for more than 10 hours each year, buying the air filter is the only way to help you to save money on consumables.

Air dryer filters can help you not only to save the cost of consumables but produce the gain of cleaner cuts.

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