How to etch glass products with your sandblaster?

How to etch glass products with your sandblaster?

Do you always have problems finding that perfect gift? Do you want to express yourself with that perfect gift?

It's not difficult for you to make a unique gift with sandblasted glass. If you have a sandblasting gun, you can draw any pattern you want on the glass.

Try the lematec sandblasting gun AS118, and it will change your thinking about sandblasting entirely. This versatile tool is not just for men, in fact, our number one demographic is women seeking DIY projects.

What is sandblasting glass?
Sandblasting glass means putting some abrasives into sandblaster, using a stencil of your choice to create the image you want on the glass, and then spray the abrasives on the stencil revealing the picture.

How to sandblasting glass?

Step1:put the abrasives into the reservoir of the sandblasting gun.

Step2: secure stencil on the glass.

You should take time to clean the surface in order to make sure its' left clean and dry.. After you clean, you also need to mask out the area you do not want to sandblast with some paper and masking tape.

Step3: Sandblast the glass.

Take your sandblaster, and point at your bottle to start blasting away.

The longer you blast on the bottle the deeper the sandblasting will go.

Step4: See the finished product.

 Now, that's not so difficult, is it!    

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