How to do sandblasting more safely?

What we should wear when sandblasting?

In a traditional situations, the only industry will do sandblasting. Now some people also do DIY sandblasting at home. Application of sandblasting.

Under without experience and train, users will forget to wear protective things.


Abrasive blasting creates large amounts of dust. If users don't wear any protective things, they may breathe dust into lungs; or sometimes dust will also fly into the eyes because of working with abrasive particles at very high speeds. Get your glasses.

For safety, when sandblasting, the user should wear protective glasses and a protective mask to avoid foreign matter fly into the eyes.

Protective safety glasses

(1) Anti-fog.

(2) Anti-spitting splash.

(3) Prevent contact infection

(4) Durable to proof impact.

(5) Anti UV400.

(6) EN166, ANSI z87.1

If you need safety glasses, you can refer to the following link to see the detail. HERE