New arrival, 2 in 1 air filter with regulator and pressure gauge

Working with compressed air systems holds many challenges. Still, some things help a lot like reliable air compressor accessories such as air filter regulators, in-line air filters, compressed air regulators, etc.
AI303-R1/R2, 2 in 1 Heavy-Duty Compressed Air Filter Oil Water Separator Regulator with Gauge engineered to offer reliability, cost-efficiency, and space-saving solutions for any compressed air applications. It fits most air tools and air compressors with its ¼-inch NPT design. It is an air filter regulator combo that enables you to control air pressure and filter water and oil so you will only use clean and well-regulated air. It can withstand environments with varying temperatures due to its heavy-duty design and materials. Therefore, it is perfect for spray painting, sandblasting, plasma cutting, and more compressed air applications.
This air filter regulator combo has a built-in oil-water separator to filter up to 99.9% of moisture and dirt and turn it into purified air for quality output. It comes with a quick-release valve to eject trapped dirt, water, and oil for easy cleaning.
The 2-in-1 design of the AI303-R1/R2 air filter regulator offers cost-saving and space-saving solutions. There is no need to buy separate units for each purpose as this unit outperforms other compressed air accessories. It assembly in our compressed air filter regulator has an easy to read gauge t. Its universal thread swivel nut makes it easy to adjust the air pressure.
Sudden changes in air pressure and dirty compressed air passing through the air tools during operation can subject your air tools to premature wear and tear. With AI303-R1, no dirt, oil, or moisture reaches the air tools, and steady airflow is only used, keeping the air tools in good shape.
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*AI3003-R2, digital gauge    

*AI303-R1, dial gauge