How to choose the correct media to sandblast?

What is the best media for sandblasting?

Sandblasting media is a term used to describe the abrasive material used in sandblasting. There are several different types of sandblasting media, each with its own unique properties and applications. Each type of sandblasting media has its own unique properties and applications, and the best media for a particular job will depend on the type of surface being worked on, the desired outcome, and the equipment being used.

Application: Removing the rust, painting or dirt, etc. by Sandblaster gun with the following media/sand to reference.

What You Should Prepare Before Sandblasting?

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Sandblasting FAQ.



Used for




Soda abrasive is from baking soda or bicarbonate of soda. It offers non-destructive cleaning and is very popularly used by operators.

It is used to remove rust from metals without causing depression or damaging the metal beneath the rough surface.



Coal Slag / Aluminum Silicate

It is a dispensable abrasive which is a by-product of coal-fired electric power generation plants. It has less dust compared to Copper Slag.

It is often used in open blasting operations in the oil- and shipyard industry and other metal surface treatments.



Aluminum Oxide Grit

An extremely sharp, long-lasting blasting abrasive that can be recycled many times. It is available in 99.5% pure white grade and commonly standard brown.

Aluminum Oxide Grit is often used in surface treatments and preparations.



Crushed Glass Grit

Crushed Glass Grit is 100% recycled glass beads and are considered to be eco and health-friendly as it eliminates the presence of airborne carcinogens. It is non-toxic and non-hazardous.

This is used in profiling and removal of coatings and surface contamination and can be used around water.



Steel Grit

Softer than Aluminum Oxide Grit but still have a very high hardness quality. It has very fast stripping action and shot-peening applications.

It is commonly used in cleaning, etching and surface preparations.

40-65 HRC



It is a Silicate of Silica and Iron and is generally used to remove thin coatings, rust, and mill scale. Its sub-angular shape is ideal for applications where a minimal surface profile is required.

Perfectly used in stripping off surfaces in storage tank & tower construction, structural & plate steel blasting, and steel fabrication.

7.0 Mohs


Application: Polish



Used for



Glass Beads

Glass Beads are manufactured into preformed ball shapes, which are very effective in leaving very smooth surfaces. It produces a super smooth and brighter finish compared to angular abrasives. Glass Beads can be recycled approximately up to 30 times.

Commonly used for automotive restoration, stainless steel fabrication, polishing of castings, and light deburring of metal molds and parts.



Steel Shot

Steel Shot is manufactured into a spherical pellet-type abrasive made from carbon steel. It often produces a very smooth surface after use.

Steel shot abrasive is often used in cleaning and polishing metal surfaces and parts in automotive, aerospace, construction, foundry, shipbuilding, rail, and more.

40-51 HRC


Steel Grit

Softer than Aluminum Oxide Grit but still have a very high hardness quality. It has very fast stripping action and shot-peening applications.

It is commonly used in cleaning, etching, and surface preparations.

40-65 HRC


Corn Cob Grit

Corn Cob Grit is an organic, soft, and natural abrasive from hard cob. It is tumbling and absorbent that dries surfaces. Corn cob grit is non-toxic and safe for operators.

It is best used on wood surfaces and does not create any damage on the treated surface. It is used on oily and moist surfaces that quickly absorb it while finishing rough parts.


Ground, Angular shape

Walnut Shell Grit

It is a very versatile soft abrasive, organic and biodegradable. Same as corn cob, it is non-toxic and imposes no hazard to health.

Best used in stripping and cleaning delicate surfaces and parts, Walnut Shell Grit provides effective applications such as cleaning hardwoods and aircraft and automotive stripping.



Copper Slag / Iron Silicate

In contrast to its name, it contains almost no copper. It is referred to as the best abrasive to use when ranked on cutting speed and cost per sq. ft.

It comes in an extra fine-grade abrasive that is used for surface blast-cleaning carpets, plastic and wood.




Garnet is a natural silicate mineral deposit. It has a high stripping rate, very low dust and the lowest consumption rate.

Mainly used for wet or dry sandblasting and offers excellent coating preparation and adhesion properties.

6.5 - 7.5

Angular to Subangular

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