How to choose the suitable FRL? filter, regulator, lubricator

FRL units guarantee the air quality for your tools, optimizing tools performance and lifetime.

4 things need to consider when buying a filter regulator lubricator:

  1. Use environment:

For industrial environments, such as foundries and shipyards, recommend to use metallic FRLs
For small industries, including vehicle service environments, composite FRLs would be a better choice.


  1. Select the right type of FRL

In most cases, you can choose between FRL units with 2 or 3-stage. Do you know that two solutions can do the same job?  Both solutions have the same functions (regulation, filtering, and lubrication). The main differences between two types are aesthetics and concision.


In particular environments, you might only need to do one or two functions (filter, regulate or lubricate air). In this situation, you can choose a 1-stage FRL to confirm the needed function.

  1. Thread size:

Identify thread size: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 3/8 inch

  1. The amount of air flow needed by the tool:

Air flow demands are given in liter per second (l/s) or in cubic foot per minute (cfm). It is important to refer to the air tool manufacturer suggestions, and select an FRL with an air flow capacity higher than the tools needs.