How to make the spraying perfect?

Surprise tool, perfect spraying!

How to make the spraying perfect? Why you should buy the air regulator?

Try to use the Lematec air adjusting valve; it will give you an amazing experience.

Whether you always feel you use too much coating?

Using too high air pressure to spray, the result of spraying is overspray or uneven spray.
Using too low air pressure causes incomplete drying, the painting will have bubble.

Use the air adjusting valve; it will help you to control the amount of coating.

You will not waste the coating and no bubble on the spraying.

When you need to spray on the small article or component, you should use the air pressure regulator to help you control the air pressure flow. Even you want to make the shadow on the painting; you also should use the digital air gauge.

air regulator with gauge for spray paint guns

Make the order of digital air regulator now, and try to use it. It will be a different spraying experience.