Fake sandblaster of AS-118 to compared ours

We found fake LEMATEC Sandblaster AS-118 in the market recently. Everyone has the impression that counterfeit products always come from China. However, our original sandblaster design has been copied and reproduced by other companies and sell under their brand names.

We welcome healthy competition with competitors by producing better products for customers. Excellent and original manufacturers like LEMATEC suffers a lot from fake products produced by brand pirates. Products without having researched and tested may look impressive but lack real worth. Customers who have no idea which ones are original and not become the biggest victim. And this saddens us because all we want is for you to have the best tools with the highest quality.

We have done comparison testing and found defects in fake products. Besides different appearances, the big difference is the air inlet. Its terrible design can be easily damaged. The damage can cause serious effects on the air outflow, leaving the sandblaster unusable and posing harm to the user. Another defect is that the sandblasting power from fake ones is smaller than ours. You can see the difference from the video.

As our valued customers, always buy the original. Please note the difference with LEMATEC Sandblaster and fake sandblasters and confirm that the product you purchased is our powerful sandblaster. Thanks for supporting the original brand LEMATEC.

These counterfeits will not cease us to continue researching and developing original LEMATEC tools that bring convenience to your work and projects, and it is always our pleasure to serve you.